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You don't have to. No one will think ill of you. :)

I don't think it's wrong at all.

Part of our round-table discussion on the subject last night centered on the fact that the immediate uproar over the GSL is almost ENTIRELY among existing 3rd party publishers. This is NOT the sort of thing that will affect the majority of D&D PLAYERS, and it will not at ALL affect the players who were never going to buy 3rd party products anyway.

However, for those of us who either used to work at WotC, have something personal at stake in the Open Gaming concept, or harbor hopes of BECOMING 3rd party publishers, this is VERY big news ... and we're going to be talking about it A LOT in the coming weeks and months. Given that you have so many friends who ARE 3rd party publishers, I imagine that you'll be "treated" to many more discussions, debates, and rants on the subject than are actually interesting or important to you and your game playing. For that, I issue a blanket apology.

On the other hand, I am going to be one of the people constantly trying to keep people focused on the notion that WotC has no mandate to do things that are convenient for 3rd party publishers. And that, as other people have pointed out, the broader U.S. Copyright Law and a bit of creative thinking leave PLENTY of room to serve the market of people who WANT 3rd party publications suitable for use with 4E. (My main, admittedly self-serving, example for the moment is the One Night Stand adventures I'm working on for Super Genius Games ... and THOSE might even be useful for you!)

the One Night Stand adventures I'm working on for Super Genius Games ... and THOSE might even be useful for you!)
I'm skeptical about those actually and look forward to the freebie so I can assuage or confirm.

I say that because the reason I buy third party products (rare though that is as described above) is so I don't have to do any work. I don't need ideas—I have tons of those as does most anyone—but the actual work involved in creating the adventure, in this case systemizing the adventure, seems like the very thing I'd have to do with ONS (and directly counter to my philosophy of my paying for someone to do the work for me), and what I'd be paying for is really just the tiles and standees. I already have a MegaMat and tons of miniatures so I'm skeptical that I'd be a customer for ONS. But the freebie will say for sure...

That's fair. And, to be certain, I WAS being rather self-serving. Getting you aware of and hopefully trying the free version is all I was really hoping for. Y'know, and maybe blogging about it later if you think it's good. ;^)

For 4E you won't have to do much other than read it and open up your MM for stats. (Unless you DO want to use the map tiles and standees ... then you've got a little printing, cutting, and taping to do, too.)

you've got a little printing, cutting, and taping to do
Hold the phone—I totally missed that it was PDF. Hmm. Upside: I wouldn't feel guilty about discarding the standees.

Oh ... oh yeah ... I probably SHOULD remember to more prominently mention that these are PDFs, not print products. *blush*

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