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From Twitter 04-29-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 06:28:19: @Tuphlos Yeah, but I was worth it, eh? ;)
  • 06:30:16: Exactly! Future bright! RT @LesterSmith: First Ebook to Hit 1 Million Sales Another happy milestone toward the future!
  • 06:50:23: @Tuphlos Woo! :) #proud
  • 08:18:34: What? This has been on the trail for the past few days, day by day opening more until today—contents spilled out.
  • 09:01:23: Just completed a 3.31 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 10:38:49: Refrigerator repair person is here b/c of ice maker. I would love it if it was all fixed right here and now. :)
  • 11:00:27: @Tuphlos I do not like the title, I do not...
  • 11:06:05: @Tuphlos Wait x3. The •author• is "Sapphire?" That makes that cover the literal worst ever b/c I 100% thought book was /The Kid Sapphire/.
  • 11:12:10: @legslibrarian @Tuphlos Haha! :)
  • 11:18:11: @EditrixJen Uses paper clips instead of staples?
  • 11:21:53: @Tuphlos @legslibrarian And the screeching of the modem connection is furnished by excited Bieber squeals of the damned?
  • 11:38:11: Best. Short. EVER EVER! RT @stealthyslyth: Oh my god this is amazing.... HP Lovecraft teaches sex ed
  • 11:38:41: @EditrixJen Yay! I helped!! :)
  • 11:40:57: @Tuphlos I'm reminded of /Being John Malcovich/
    "I'll build a third-and-a-half floor for you and your cur-sed kind!"
  • 11:42:19: @wowcynwise Had problem with shift key and Naga's "Action Bar 2" not working but spousal unit showed me workaround. Yaay! :)
  • 11:43:14: @wowcynwise However, the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) doesn't work at all, regardless of setting (though it will scroll).
  • 11:50:15: @kimholcomb Pretty!!
  • 11:54:18: @Herbguy @SeattleMaven 2nd time I was there I tasted the best thing literally ever, a ginger cordial. I'd have sent a nation to war 4 it.
  • 11:55:55: @Tuphlos That cover is actually quite clever! :)
  • 11:57:05: @Tuphlos I like it—more so if it's about a city slicker moving to the woods.
  • 11:58:20: @Tuphlos So the tots are fleeing into the water to escape being burned alive from a mountain on fire? Tell me more!
  • 12:07:11: Never more proud to live in WA. RT @mollywood: UW researchers create "that's what she said" software. And make my day.
  • 12:08:36: @undeux I have astigmatism as well. It's not bad. And you can get laser surgery even if you have it nowadays. Time was, you couldn't.
  • 12:11:33: @undeux Also, flu? It's "starve a cold, feed a fever," right? I guess you need to look at lots of things to cure! May I suggest: Dr. Who? :)
  • 12:13:56: @Tuphlos Axually...isn't that redundant. It should just be /Story/. Or, maybe, /Story. A novel/. ;)
  • 12:17:01: @Tuphlos Loch Ness Monster's dropping his first album, finally? Man, that thing's been in studio for ages now. Are those the producers?
  • 12:19:49: @disastrous007 Jesus, I had to hide from the cops somewhere.
  • 12:22:45: @crystalhwll @hope4georgia OMG I want that SO bad.
  • 12:30:43: WANT NOW!! RT @crystalhwll: If I ever get an iPad, you can bet your sweet asses I'll slap something like this on it...
  • 12:35:15: I •hate• how #Flickr won't let iPhone pinch/zoom images, you must click through/download first—unlike everyone else. Sofaking retarded.
  • 12:36:44: @Xytrex Isn't that the act of an elephant eating a peanut?
  • 12:45:56: @LloydJassin Dude. What's with all the caps? Is it a fireworks day?
  • 13:13:00: @slowdumbshow Yes!
  • 13:17:06: Watching via Xbox Hulu Plus, during the free trial. :) @GetGlue #TheOffice
  • 13:23:21: Wh...waaait a minute. Why am I seeing commercials on #HuluPlus? Isn't the point of "Plus" = paying for it? So there are no ads?
  • 15:51:06: @cakespy Wait, what? /cancels order
  • 16:15:03: @Tuphlos What I don't understand: When faced with the constant criticism that the latest info is online, why would she keep lib. in past?
  • 16:15:54: @Tuphlos Chaucer? But I hardly knew her!
  • 16:17:32: @Tuphlos <tee hee!>
  • 16:23:06: @Tuphlos @helgagrace I figured it out. I figured it out!! OMG! Why does she want to keep old material around? Answer next tweet...
  • 16:25:13: @Tuphlos @helgagrace It's b/c most recent pubs she has R from 1988. "AOL & CompuServe might have info," they say. Libs R cheaper than them!
  • 16:25:56: @Tuphlos @helgagrace That must be what patrons use the lib. computers for, too! CompuServe! Bah!
  • 16:30:01: @Tuphlos @helgagrace Inorite!? The 1440 speed connection is high speed, yo! Fast lane! Kinda spendy tho. But this upstart, AOL? 4 moms!
  • 16:32:38: @Tuphlos @helgagrace Haha! Me too! And the line from Futurama:
    "You've got mail!"
    "It's not spam!"
    "Oh!" :)
  • 16:43:14: @helgagrace @Tuphlos @shayera Too many! The •county• I grew up in not only had no libraries—but no bookstores. Any book = 1hr drive. #true
  • 16:45:34: @Tuphlos @helgagrace @shayera Dunno pop of county, but largest town, my town, was 4,500.
  • 16:47:02: @Tuphlos @helgagrace @shayera And speaking of white authors, WHOLE county was white. A horrible, terrible, racist, sexist hole. A blight.
  • 16:47:35: @Tuphlos @helgagrace @shayera Pro. Foundly. Can scarcely be imagined.
  • 16:49:20: @helgagrace @Tuphlos @shayera Left at 18 for college and never returned. Parents, too! Mom sez: "Why precisely the fuck did we live there?"
  • 16:49:58: @Tuphlos @helgagrace @shayera All attempts to visit it will be met by violence from me! >:(
  • 16:50:51: @helgagrace @Tuphlos @shayera You, madam, would be very correct and a half.
  • 16:55:09: @helgagrace @Tuphlos @shayera West-central Illinois is not. However, the new Lincoln library, in Springfield, is actually excellent. Tops.
  • 17:03:17: @Tuphlos It's only 6! Sun won't even set for another 2.25 hours!

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