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From Twitter 05-03-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 07:13:12: @HeatherShea Good morning! :)
  • 07:14:19: @ActivityGrrrl @ronnati Bio first, tweets second, almost never blog. :) I also look at how frequently they tweet.
  • 07:25:05: @ActivityGrrrl Yeah...why? Do some people follow blindly or something?
  • 07:38:55: @ChrisSSims They're both very complex games with a •crushing• amount of options to consider. Ergo, easier to say what's in instead. ;)
  • 07:40:29: @KeriStevens Gratz!!! :) :D
  • 07:42:38: @Tuphlos I'm an atheist, so I don't expect to be going anywhere. Also, what's with the 72 virgins? That's downright creepy.
  • 07:44:25: @zerena_hoofs Maintenance day!
  • 07:47:00: @Maciahko @WTFaGurlZomg Because there actually are people with that kind of lack of imagination in the real world?
  • 07:50:36: @ChrisSSims I rather like the Castle Ravenloft suggestion, come to think of it. :)
  • 07:55:35: @ChrisSSims That became the poster child reason why I stopped playing Pathfinder. There were many others, yes, but this exemplified.
  • 07:57:35: @bradfordlit Maybe they thought they were speaking astrologically? ;)
  • 07:58:42: @bradfordlit Ack! What was the movie?
  • 07:59:45: @zerena_hoofs Wait...they're not uni? #NervousSidelongGlanceAtMirror
  • 08:00:11: @ChrisSSims @quickermcwild Yes. It most definitely is.
  • 08:02:36: @zerena_hoofs Blood Mary? Eww.
  • 08:04:07: @SarahDarkmagic @chrisssims Yes. Fewer calculation burden placed on the player, the better. And the smoother/faster/funner the game.
  • 08:05:16: @ActivityGrrrl Well, there's a lot to manage. Learning how to override the default "throw poo" mode is a whole chapter by itself.
  • 08:11:33: @zerena_hoofs @druidis4fite /throws gang sign
  • 08:14:55: @laurendane OMG. My out-of-context brain went immediately 2 remora eel. Tho, to think of it, the shark/eel relationship IS neglected in lit.
  • 08:18:40: @ChrisSSims @sarahdarkmagic Ugh. Yet more decision points for new players. :( "If your Strength is X, you can jump Y squares." Done! :)
  • 08:19:51: @ElysabethW I thought eating the car would make me run faster.
  • 08:21:09: @kats2009 Good morning! It'll be a happier Tuesday if sun comes to visit. :)
  • 08:23:28: @laurendane That's easily the most talented eel I've ever heard!
  • 08:26:22: @HeideeLahree Did they drop dead though? Can you get contact info and have interviewer contact?
  • 08:29:55: @slowdumbshow Worse case? could've said UR last on MySpace-> no one could read it? At least Twitter has readers.
  • 08:32:30: @Tuphlos Man, you have lots of different ways of spelling Allah. First ALA, now AALL. When's it gonna stop!?
  • 08:33:25: @Ab_Chaosium Twitter!
    Seriously. It's where I get almost all my news about everything.
  • 08:36:17: @HeideeLahree Never apologize for ranting! It's what Twitter is for. ;)
  • 08:37:46: @helgagrace @uffishl I assume you've seen Helvetica, the docu by Hustwit? It's extremely awesome, it is. :)
  • 08:39:03: @zerena_hoofs The fuck they will! There are STILL some topics in these United States that everyone agrees on! Jesus!
  • 08:41:00: @lizzwinstead Which reminds me of Peter Griffin's genie-granted theme song. "Ridin' on the BU-us. Ridin' on the BU-us..."
    Good times. :)
  • 08:42:54: @LoreliAoD Aww, poor tree. Well, I suppose it was a matter of cutting it down before it fell down. Still miss it though!
  • 08:44:57: @geeksdreamgirl We have three such bags (not that one specifically) and we forget to use them 99% of the time. :/
  • 08:48:54: Very good. I learned from it. RT @baratunde: cool abortion data visualization video from @guttmacher
  • 08:54:55: Easiest decision of the week: I do not need to see—nor will I look at—any Bin Laden death/corpse/funeral/whatever photos.
  • 08:56:05: @crystalhwll OMG! What happened?
  • 09:03:07: @Owen_Stephens That sounds ideal, actually. The more choices the more confusing and the longer it delays playing the game.
  • 09:04:18: @stannex How many is a handful, would you guesstimate? I like Owen's one. I could see doing two. That's it tho. (Not counting name.)
  • 09:06:38: @karenstollznow @parabaxter Golly! Glad you two are alright!
  • 09:08:26: @zerena_hoofs @screwlewsewow True fact.
  • 09:11:38: @crystalhwll Sorries. :(
  • 09:20:10: May cut #walkies short today. Feet kinda hurt and I forgot to sync my Shuffle. :/
  • 09:20:55: @formicadinette Because people are idiots. :/
  • 09:24:00: @Owen_Stephens /agree
  • 09:24:42: @drisis Don't have one! :(
  • 09:27:32: @LittleAnimation That's way more than USA.#DoingBetter
  • 09:29:50: @godlessgirl Cars use oil? #IKnowNothingAboutCars
  • 09:31:05: @Owen_Stephens @stannex Ooh, grand idea.
  • 09:31:57: @Owen_Stephens @stannex Although my first question would be: "Why do I need to do any of that if I'm already playing the game and had fun?"
  • 09:33:14: @SarahDarkmagic @Owen_Stephens Ugh. Minutiae.
  • 09:38:54: @ParellaLewis Yay! :)
  • 09:42:40: @HeideeLahree It's who you voted against stabbing at you from Hell's heart.
  • 09:45:52: @Tuphlos It was so cognitively dissonant that I reflexively ignored it and had to scroll back to see what you were referring to!
  • 09:48:28: @SAeditorinchief Heh. The sun coming up adds fuel. Meaning: they have an unlimited energy source that cannot be exhausted. Everything fuels!
  • 09:50:24: @LittleAnimation What happened? Is there a one-stop-shop link that would explain things to an ignorant American?
  • 09:51:17: @arianna I wonder who is most likely to do it? #TricksYouIntoDoingStats
  • 10:00:19: Wow. iMacs now high octane! @jsnell: And yes, that 27" iMac with two Thunderbolt ports CAN drive two 27-inch Apple Cinema Displays. Yikes!
  • 10:01:45: @laurendane Safety pin? Reminds me of Tracy's diamond-encrusted "POVERTY" necklace on 30 Rock. :)
  • 10:08:04: @stephenNcollins By doing something concretely helpful instead! Write Congress supporting women's rights or donate a book to your library.
  • 10:09:08: @dingbatkaren Look out behind you!
  • 10:18:15: @JubalFlagg I can barely make cold cereal. If I were to ever actually cook something, that'd be front page news. ;)
  • 10:25:39: @helgagrace By choice? Not on a dare or schoolwork?
  • 10:26:49: Just completed a 3.40 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 10:41:52: @Tuphlos Shadows of the apartment? So this is a novel about a tenet dispute? Hmm.
  • 11:07:17: @KeriStevens Yo. Years ago. Principal reason: telemarketers. Secondary: NO ONE ever called us/we never called. Utterly wasted money.
  • 12:38:11: @ivanolix Good question. Did you find out an answer?
  • 13:22:05: Been awhile! Prolly should've made a list... (@ Safeway - Fairwood)
  • 13:43:49: Holy Jesus, fuck coupons in the ass. They're a blight. Every. Single. Time they're used they cause a problem at checkout. >:(
  • 13:54:12: @HeideeLahree That would be genius!
  • 13:54:53: @HeideeLahree And isn't the whole idea of loyalty cards to obviate having to use coupons at all in the first place? GAH! >:(
  • 13:58:14: I wouldn't be so red-eyed ranty about coupons if my experience with them wasn't a non-hyperbolically 100% negative experience.
  • 14:00:13: I'd be much more laissez faire if even it was merely 40% stabby. We can all afford a 40% stab so some1 can save 15 cents on Popplers, right?
  • 14:02:05: @gmusser Ooh! Will it be recorded and available to folks who can't attend? :)
  • 14:13:10: @crystalhwll I'm sorry... /hug If I was near you, I'd totally take you and your S.O. out for dinner so you could rant 2 sympathetic ears. :)
  • 14:14:51: @DMSamuel Oh, I'm sorry. We recently had to do same to Ororo, our cat, b/c of cancer. Very sad. Cried very much afterward. #hug
  • 14:15:28: @Irish_girlie I'm calling social services.
  • 14:26:42: @gmusser In in Seattle so time of day isn't so much the issue as, um, the price of parking in Pennsylvania. Oof! Steep!
  • 14:35:17: Dunno if U can see it, but glass says Coca-Cola. I put Pepsi in it. 'Cause I ain't lettin' the Man tell me what to do.
  • 14:37:42: @gmusser I read and thoroughly loved Carrol's /From Eternity to Here/ so I'm anxious to hear all the more about time. :)
  • 14:43:21: Never heard of it but Netflix said to see it, so... @GetGlue #HarpersIsland
  • 15:52:38: @stoya Me too—I have really high hopes for iCloud. Been thinking a lot about all it might offer. I hope it's iTunes storage/streaming, for 1
  • 15:54:30: @jennihogan Good grief! Was it a mugger on the street? Did he take anything?
  • 15:58:01: @zerena_hoofs Answered way up my stream: nope. No interest. Fucker's dead, book's closed, moving on!
  • 16:01:05: @meepblop That's because they can only see black and white, eh? Fewer songs about rainbows should do the trick!
  • 16:52:45: @VictoriaLane /agree
  • 16:56:17: @wordwill What? How!?
  • 17:01:44: @Tuphlos I live in Seattle, home and HQ of Starbucks and a million microbrewers, and abhor both coffee AND beer. #blasphemy
  • 17:45:05: @BettyLies Someone who hates you, that's who.
  • 17:45:50: @ActivityGrrrl Really! I've never seen that error before. Interesting.
  • 20:24:18: @meepblop not know! This matter needs additional investigation.
  • 20:28:18: @godlessgirl Edit: "condom" and "require" are redundant.
  • 20:29:50: @ivanolix As well it should! ;)
  • 20:32:07: @Fyreuni Me too. Wand of Untamed Power, in my case.
  • 20:37:46: @meepblop Fit is subject to speculation driven by mid-east unrest. :(
  • 20:39:24: @Sernett "The government took my home!"
  • 20:41:17: @LoreliAoD Oh, I wish my group had some space, but, alas, it does not. I shall keep you in mind if one opens, yes?
  • 20:43:13: @MollieinSeattle What's the name of the docu?
  • 20:53:39: @michaelshermer 'dare I saw' -> say
  • 21:13:18: @LoreliAoD Done! :)
  • 21:14:21: @meepblop Re: your grandpa-esque rantings about fuel prices. ;)

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