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From Twitter 05-04-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 05:16:48: @Tuphlos Haha! Wow, I never thought of that. I should check 'n' make sure I'm not a robot. Now would one check for cylon...?
  • 05:32:43: @GeekyLyndsay It's supposed to be awesome in #Seattle today! Alas, I have no #DnD to scooter to...
  • 05:33:57: @Tuphlos I figured out why I'm not! I suck at the maths. :)
  • 05:36:31: @Tuphlos I'd love to, but no way to, um, legally watch it since we don't have HBO. If only they would sell eps, I would 100% buy 'em.
  • 05:37:58: @aestivus But, upside: table! Now you can sponsor D&D and boardgames and stuffs, yeah? :)
  • 05:40:50: @Molly_Kats I tolly agree.
  • 05:42:14: @GeekyLyndsay I do not. Not even a bicycle. :(
  • 05:43:26: @Tuphlos Not for a billion years. Which is (continues to be) just retarded in the face of modern entertainment options.
  • 07:39:52: @kats2009 Yes! You too! I'd like to snap a few pics during #walkies.
  • 07:43:05: Game companies: If your trailer does not spend a majority of its time showing actual gameplay, you've wasted my time & I dislike you.
  • 07:44:03: @HeatherShea Why not barista up your salon? :)
  • 07:51:18: @HeatherShea Haha...uh, OK? Um. Not quite sure where that came from, but now that you mention it, ARE there bikini salons in Seattle?
  • 07:53:31: @cakespy Want.
  • 08:18:34: @HeatherShea Ohh! I see where you're coming from!
  • 09:06:30: #walkies sure are pretty today! #Seattle
  • 10:02:35: Still on #walkies and have gone farther on trail than ever before (no more blocking mud/water)! Came upon this...
  • 10:12:49: Oh god. Steepest ascent I've made on a trail. Pushed myself too hard. If I throw up my cereal, does that mean I can deduct those calories?
  • 10:26:32: I made it!! Can you see Mt. Rainier OK in this pic? Couldn't get exposure very well..
  • 10:41:17: Uh oh. Took a wrong turn going down. Um. Home is...that way. Pretty sure. Mostly sure. Well..."sure."
  • 10:51:02: Being "lost" in the woods isn't so bad on a day like today. It's perfect. Cloudless but not hot in the slightest, nice breeze. Nice smells.
  • 11:11:55: Ugh. The penalty for being so laissez-faire about my pathing is that the way home is on blacktop. Hard, hard, blacktop. :(
  • 11:12:30: Oh! But I'm not far away now... #walkies
  • 11:17:35: Just completed a 4.95 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 11:19:40: Only 4.95 miles? Are you for fucking kidding me? Jesus Christ. Well, at least it was at least the most strenuous 4.95 in •years• and years.
  • 11:28:03: Data from #walkies and it feels like I climbed a mountain, I tell you what. You can tell where rest period was. ;)
  • 12:00:29: Librarians: Can your library accept ebook donations? Obvious corollary: Do you have a system for loaning them out (donated or no)?
  • 13:43:39: Initial trepidation from 1st couple eps has given way to squees! Lurv it now. :) @GetGlue #HarpersIsland
  • 14:54:58: I took a bunch of photos during the past couple walkies—including today's epic adventure. Here they are!
  • 19:05:47: Good episode! Very happy series was renewed. :) @GetGlue #Supernatural
  • 21:04:58: @CalliopeM Shiny!
  • 21:16:24: Stopped at 49% of the way through. Bleah. @GetGlue #BeneathTheDark
  • 21:18:23: Cliché ridden as it was, I watched it all the way through. Sometimes, one needs a standard dose of rom-com. ;) @GetGlue
  • 21:25:17: @MollieinSeattle Plus: Lots of roses. Minus: Costco roses. Meaning: Statement of quantity over quality. Balance: Thought that counts?
  • 21:45:17: We have color technology. I understand b/w photos can be artistic—but it's annoying in movies. Like in what I'm watching now. :/
  • 21:47:59: Keenly interesting premise, characters, and dialogue—but poorly shot. :( Deleteriously so. @GetGlue #Following
  • 21:57:28: @Mika_Tan Also, bacon is nom.
  • 22:45:19: @ParellaLewis Ew. By choice?

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