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From Twitter 05-05-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 06:00:09: @meepblop But there is technology that overcomes such fantastic hurdles is what I'm saying. No reason for such blurriness, in particular.
  • 07:14:23: What's the trick to buying a ticket to a movie at #SIFF? The site doesn't have search by title. How do I find the movie I want?
  • 08:34:12: @Nikchick Not really—it's pretty straightforward. I turned the Audio Cue Volume to zero b/c the voice summary at end became annoying is all.
  • 11:29:24: @Lumrunner @Nikchick Enter manually? This is America! Machines work for us—not the other way 'round! ;)
  • 14:18:05: "Wolf!" The brilliance of this post is looking at the dates of the quotes:
  • 14:19:06: I would like to watch Game of Thrones but I'd have to pay for HBO, which is silly. Is there a per-episode way of watching (short of piracy)?
  • 14:38:41: @annetrent Never heard of it! Going to get it now…
  • 14:47:57: @annetrent Alas! One must already buy the totality of HBO. No per-epsiode purchasing. Good tip, though! Thanks!
  • 16:46:42: Bert's right—better than you'd think! @GetGlue #BloodCreek

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