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From Twitter 05-09-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 05:34:48: @tonyawinter I did! :) (And, yes, UI is the best 1990 had to offer.) ;)
  • 05:35:24: @pdunwin Oh, I shall! :)
  • 05:39:38: Crazy—for the first time in probably a forever I've woken up with no Words With Friends or Scrabble turns to play. Odd!
  • 05:47:42: @thebrassbunny Or! I don't have enough games going on! I'm Abashima on WWF if you need an extra game going on, too! ;)
  • 05:59:51: @christylou Yay! For free! That's awesome! Going to be out a dishwasher in the meantime though, eh? :(
  • 06:03:56: @JennaS2 Don't jinx it! ;)
  • 06:06:21: @PeggySueCusses I read it cold, didn't read back cover copy—didn't even know genre—simply b/c friend recc'd it and I found it engrossing!
  • 06:08:54: @theberrygirl Reward yourself with a pastry later. You deserve a pastry. :)
  • 06:09:15: @PeggySueCusses Fucked up.
  • 06:11:14: @MikeWehner True story.
  • 06:12:26: @RachelleKOMO Oh, there's nothing popular about a mullet... <shudder>
  • 06:17:00: @MonicaMarieH I've been walking up so many hills during daily walkies that my calves are like Popeye's. Feet are same size, though! :)
  • 06:18:48: @laurendane I'm sure you'll be fine if you stick to your meds!

    <tee!> :)
  • 06:29:10: @christylou Yeah, figured—but having just had to repair our ice maker in our refrigerator, it's nice hearing about free repairs of any sort.
  • 06:30:17: @monicaobrien Spousal unit and didn't need to be—fortunately we were both like-minded on the matter: zero urchins! ;)
  • 06:43:55: @erincmccarthy /signed
  • 06:51:17: @PeggySueCusses Right on. :)
  • 07:18:10: @d20Blonde In this era of cell phone usage trumping land lines left and right, is a local number all that necessary? Would anyone notice?
  • 07:18:59: @d20Blonde Oh! Haha! Asked and answered with your following tweet. ;)
  • 07:21:20: @christylou We waited more than a month to save up for the repair, so, awesome! :)
  • 07:34:50: @christylou Sure, worse for U than us (neither of us cook=dishes washed every two weeks as it is) I'm just saying: free'd be ++ for us. :)
  • 07:36:50: @christylou The flip side, in our specific case, is that the ice maker is used multiple times per day. No matter what tho, free = good 4 us.
  • 07:37:25: @MollyMcIsaac Oh. My. God. Me too. What's her server? ;)
  • 07:43:29: @christylou Tolly agree! :)
  • 07:52:09: Tidbit: The volume of material we recycle exceeds what we put in trash. (I mean this house specifically, not humanity.)
  • 07:56:02: @HeatherShea Good morning! :)
  • 08:25:36: @Tuphlos Why is it that the first thing I think of when I see that is "suicide pact?"
  • 08:28:53: @Tuphlos Did one of the people reincarnate into a crow?
  • 10:01:15: Just completed a 2.66 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 18:02:04: Preparation for #DnD complete! Three players present! D&D go—soon!
  • 20:51:53: #DnD stop and OMG what fun!! My experimental experiment was a success! I'll write a blog post about it to explain all tomorrow. Yay! :)
  • 22:47:52: Just saw last episode of probably the best, most inspirational, gritty, compelling, best-acted SF series I've seen.
  • 23:26:47: @Tuphlos A book about a sentient fence?'s bold!
  • 23:29:05: @Tuphlos Wow, yes. It at first doesn't seem like it should be, but, yes—it's hot. :)
  • 23:30:23: @Tuphlos Someone talked him into getting the ugly class ring.
  • 23:33:07: @ElleLeRenard If you have to run, well, I was going to suggest a witty distraction, but actually just running is all you'd need. :)
  • 23:34:12: @NatalieAbrams I liked the ending, considering time left and all. I'm satisfied even though series I loved had to end.

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