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From Twitter 05-11-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 07:02:07: @Sernett Yaaay! Congratulations on a safe delivery—and a big welcome to Wade!! :)
  • 08:06:14: Just completed a 1.96 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 08:10:06: Significantly shortened walkies today due to time constraints. :/
  • 11:18:01: RT @froomkin: Top interrogator Steven Kleinman takes apart Marc Thiessen's typically sadistic Washington Post ode to torture http://huff ...
  • 11:23:51: Wow, really interesting idea. RT @paul_steele: Author opens one-book shop to sell his own work via @guardian @lizlancs
  • 11:26:09: I'm following @guardian now because twice in two days I've read interesting stories from them (via RTs). That's how it works! ;)
  • 11:27:09: Been here awhile and almost forgot to check in. (@ McDonald's - Fairwood)
  • 11:29:48: RT @brianstelter: Comcast confirms that one of the FCC commissioners who voted for its takeover of NBC, Meredith Baker, is joining Comca ...
  • 11:33:21: @stannex @loganbonner OK! I will! :)
  • 11:55:11: Here w/ Stan!, Rich, Sparky, Logan. :) (@ Cedar River Smokehouse w/ @richredman)
  • 12:19:59: Librarians: When you invite a local author for a reading, how do you know/find out who's local to you? Do auth's contact you? You ask pubs?
  • 14:14:25: Ohjesus how did this...horror...end up on TV? It's goblins caught mid-vomit. Vomitous goblins are on TV now. #HotPockets
  • 23:17:16: Reached a record in #WoW tonight: 31 deaths in a single instance. (hero ZG) We stopped 2nd attempt on final boss. Super frustrating. :(

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