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From Twitter 05-13-2011
Forest - Shadows

  • 04:56:35: @Mechelle_68 Not it! I keep mine neat and tidy and delete almost immediately. Inbox is usually empty or <5 items.
  • 05:02:27: @Mechelle_68 <tee hee!> :)
  • 05:09:24: @crystalhwll Find a new friend! When're you coming to the Seattle? <g!>
  • 05:10:23: @VajanaGoesRawrr I'm in bed reading Twitter before I do my Words With Friends turns. :)
  • 05:22:02: @crystalhwll Oh! Ha! I just meant 4 a visit—but, yes! #Seattle is gorgeous, weather is great, & is fun, outdoorsy, & high tech @ same time.
  • 05:22:52: @crystalhwll If you visit, we must do lunch! :)
  • 05:37:57: @helgagrace "Donated?" is that code for "left too long in Lost & Found?"
  • 05:43:12: @RachelleKOMO Hot dogs?
  • 06:10:44: @MollieinSeattle Good morning in #Seattle! :)
  • 08:00:25: @kats2009 Good morning! :)
  • 08:06:50: Huh. Heard the push alert tone from my #iPhone but when I picked it up there was nothing. Why you playin' me, iPhone?
  • 08:08:27: @teenygeek Inorite?
    /sidelong glance
    /narrows eyes
  • 08:10:30: Recent explorations have led to a variety of terrains, elevations, routes, and challenges for #walkies. Now I dunno which way to go. :/
  • 08:15:53: I do sorta have an impromptu goal of being able to make it all the way to the peak w/o stopping. Maybe work on that? •Very• difficult tho.
  • 08:34:47: H.P. Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark" is just the thing to listen to on a walk to a steep hill, eh? Esp. one shrouded in dark woods? :)
  • 09:34:58: I did it!! To the peak and back without stopping to rest. #victory I feel like Superman for #walking past places I'd previously had to stop!
  • 09:36:07: I snapped this photo as quickly as I could, in about five seconds, from the peak. It's probably crappy, but still...
  • 09:42:07: It occurs 2 me that any pic of Mt. Rainier I take frm that peak will look the same 'cuz there's like only a 5' square spot frm which 2 snap.
  • 09:42:35: @cthulhuchick @hppodcraft Indeed, yes! The best one that exists!
  • 09:43:12: @alyssamag @utopiamediaent I've had my dose during #walkies today. All done! I'm content to see it from window now. ;)
  • 09:43:23: @Nikchick Thank you muchly!! :)
  • 09:43:41: @religionbites Thank you!! :)
  • 09:44:05: @religionbites Isn't it, though? Quite the reward for the effort. :)
  • 11:21:32: I am not the target demographic I don't think, but I wanna see #Bridesmaids. :) It has actors I'd like to see & I could use a comedy. :)
  • 11:27:28: @Tuphlos Stare menacingly at her and say you could give them to her on a thumb drive. #VagueMaybePervyThreatsAreBest
  • 11:29:49: @undeux @brazzers OMG, you're getting •such• a tip! :)
  • 11:31:19: Haha! This is tempting... :) RT @cthulhuchick: Faking the Rapture via Twitter? 5/21
  • 11:41:21: @crystalhwll Oh my god, did you and your lover break up? This sounds actually quite serious. *hug*
  • 12:14:56: @ccnomad Gratz! And a good poem it is, too!! :)
  • 12:22:44: Fuck yeah! Stay the F out! @KPaul: Suddenly find myself appreciating WA State Patrol a little more today:
  • 12:25:18: @Tuphlos There is! About product placement. :)
  • 12:30:37: @ComixBookGurl Hahaha! I, too, have had that happen. :) =^.^=
  • 13:23:53: Finally up to my favoritest episode, "The Midnight Sun." Love this one most of all. @GetGlue #TheTwilightZone
  • 13:29:14: @shayera @tuphlos I can't wait for it! The "it" being "Point and Laugh Day." :)
  • 13:35:11: I love "The Midnight Sun" 4 many reasons. Writing. Acting. Music. It's also only the TV that ever made me actually thirsty from watching it.
  • 14:00:21: @arianna D'oh! I work on the cloud for everything now, except music—and that's soon, I should think, w/ Apple's new data center.
  • 14:03:01: @laurendane Ohgod
    /runs to delete
  • 14:13:36: I find last entry diaries very compelling. Crazily so. RT @BreakingNews: Man found dead[...]after[...]70 days stranded
  • 14:15:19: @brandice Woo! Gratz! :)
  • 14:26:27: @boobookittybone I abhor keys. I only have two, house and mail, and even that's too many. Keyless entry fob for car kicks ass.
  • 14:30:25: @Tuphlos /signed
  • 14:50:54: @boobookittybone I want to get a keyless entry doorknob for the house. Because that would be awesome.
  • 14:59:03: @ComixBookGurl That's in the queue! Much looking forward to it. :)
  • 15:11:31: @ComixBookGurl Inorite!? Shameful!
  • 15:27:35: @pdunwin Indeed! Small creatures can occupy I think large creatures' squares. I think it's two sizes larger = OK.
  • 16:10:10: Getting soda for tonight's game. :) (@ Safeway - Fairwood)
  • 17:16:44: Have arrived at PART 2 of #LadyBlackbird. Tonight, we fight the Hand of Sorrow! But first: our hosts made dinner!! BBQ chicken & sides! :)
  • 17:17:58: Sound writing advice. RT @DuncanAriey: Passive voice is appropriate 4 disasters, like "Ed was hit by a bus" or "a girl was talked to by me"
  • 18:57:08: We evaded the Hand of Sorrow! Happy ending! :) #LadyBlackbird
  • 19:03:17: We've decided to make own characters & campaign! I decided—on impulse—to recreate my Space: 1889 chr (from WAY back). #LadyBlackbird
  • 19:10:27: You guys remember Space: 1889? I was working at GDW when it was published. I •loved• that game. Well, the setting. ;) Setting rocked it.
  • 19:11:33: And! Did you know Frank Chadwick is re-writing Space: 1889 even now? I'm looking forward to seeing what he does.
  • 19:12:46: Meanwhile, planning on making Philip Anderson, "the Marksman of Mars," live again in #LadyBlackbird No Mars this time though. ;)
  • 23:12:09: RPG relative truism: The fewer rules the more I feel I can envision my character's background—and the more important that background is.
  • 23:14:04: I've written 1K about background/description of my #LadyBlackbird chr—ALL of it directly relevant to running him each session—& more to go.
  • 23:16:44: But with other systems w/ more rules, that background is less relevant unless I can account for it rules-wise.
  • 23:19:09: If I don't have a skill point in a thing, then I never did grow up doing the thing—I'm like every other non-skill-pointed schmo during play.
  • 23:21:07: I'm particularly enjoying how #LadyBlackbird defines chrs through their history & background & that has real impact during play/rolling dice
  • 23:23:20: Anyway. More thoughts about this in the future. Must sleep now.

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