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Mystical Forest

Based on a true story...

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Julia included in WotC layoffs
Statue - Crying
WotC laid off a number of people from a variety of departments today, and, alas, Julia was among them. She was with TSR/WotC for years upon years and is sad for having to leave friends there. I've been laid off before and it's no fun at all.

Send trueunicorness A) job leads and B) good wishes—in that order. ;)

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*hugs* that sucks. Give her some best wishes!

What does/did she do?

I'll keep my eyes peeled for editing jobs.

As I was telling ladyanaka, "It's not Christmas without layoffs at WotC."

It's sad that the upper management at WotC has come to rely on this sloppy hire-and-layoff rollercoaster technique to bolster their bottom line each year.

Sometimes a company hits hard times and has to lay people off. That's understandable. But WotC has made it a damned tradition, and that's not understandable. That's bad management.

Very sad at the news, very sure she'll find something even better.

Pass on my good wishes if you can as I am not yet her LJ friend and cannot myself. :)

Hugs and pats on the back, getting laid off is no fun, especially after such a long time on the job. I with good leads for her, and an even better job next time around!

I'm really sorry to hear that. She was really nice to me when I interviewed over there last year. I wish her the best of luck in her job search. I can't really help with Seattle area job leads, though I'm sure they have need of editors at my company in the NY area.

I'm sorry to hear it. My best to her in her search for a new job.

Suck! :(

Our company is in a hiring freeze, so all I can offer is good wishes.

Sorry to hear that. Getting laid off always sucks, but right before Xmas is twisting the knife.

Please tell Julia that I'm so sorry. *hug*

I'm very sorry to hear this. I have no doubt that Julia's skills will land her a good job in the future, but it still sucks to deal with it.

Oh! Sadness!!

Layoffs really suck.

Ouch. If they cut Julia, they are well into the bone. Please give her my regards and let her know that post-WotC life is often much, much better.

Please send my best wishes to Julia, she deserves better than that. I hope she finds a better job soon!

Bummer. My huge condolences.

Job leads wise, do you know if she's looking for freelance editing gigs, or full-on salaried employment?

I already emailed Julia separately, but a public declaration of the lameness of WotC is in order as well. Hugs and well wishes for the one who got me started on the road to getting paid for D&D!

Oh no! I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you both.

Hugs to both. But hey, at least now you're free of that poison. :(

Sucks! No job leads in the exciting world of insurance--but I'll send good wishes for an enjoyable & *short* break between jobs.

Aarghhhh! I wish her luck. Having suffered the pain of a lay-off myself, I totally sympathize. I know she'll find an awesome new job though!

Give her my love!

Little late to the party but wow, sorry to hear about that! I know the feeling, if it is any consolation.

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