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Mystical Forest

Based on a true story...

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Evil in WoW
World of Warcraft
So one of the things that you can do in World of Warcraft is play a new character: the death knight.

The DK is an agent of the game's new supervillain and to advance in the organization and get all your powers you have to perform some evil acts. One of them that's getting press is that you have to torture people for information.

I was quite hesitant to do this until I had an epiphany. The people I was set to torture were members of the Scarlet Crusade. My mind suddenly flashed to what extraordinary assholes they are and to the room in the Scarlet Monastery where they have people on racks and iron maidens and whatnot. F them!

So I carried on with the quest and shortly thereafter I was finally get out from underneath the supervillain's influence and able to fight against him and all he stood for—and continue my fight against the Scarlet Crusade because they continue to be total assholes.

There's another quest that calls for you to kill 10 civilians. Um... No. I got around this by walking outside their houses like a traveling salesman in terribly black armor and frowny face. Almost all of the citizenry would cower—but one would sometimes charge out of the house with a butcher knife meaning to do me in for trespassing. I had to defend myself! It took a long time to find enough weapon-wielding citizens to make my tactic work but I eventually satisfied the requirements of the Lich King without being the introduction to Burton's Sleepy Hollow.

But now that I'm my own person (quest-wise) I'm much more gung-ho about my character and what it might accomplish in this new world.

The character is Ynahteba, which is of course Abethany backwards, since Ynahteba is Abethany's evil opposite twin, down to skin and hair color. Although now that she's turned a new leaf, mayhaps a new hair color or style is called for...

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Heh, I liked the chance to be evil. I kinda enjoyed killing the citizens. >>

You could have found the ones that were on the ground that had gotten shot by the arrows, they're going to die anyway - put them out of their misery sooner?

And yeah, the Scarlet Crusade is full of a bunch of assholes. While their cause was righteous, they all went completely insane. ._.

Oh, WTH! I didn't even notice them!

The only reason I noticed them was because the one I was chasing got shot down. XD

So your evil character wouldn't kill the civilians without provocation? :)

That's correct. I kinda suck at evil...

I enjoyed the new DK content quite a lot, but was disappointed when it ended and was expected to repeat all the same content I'd done before. Boo.

At Amber Ledge you'll again get the "opportunity" to torture, if your perfectly self-aware and self-motivated toon is up to it. I had major issues with that one, even though its justification was to save the life of someone the Bad Guys in question were themselves imprisoning and torturing.

I had bigger issues in that it was presented (by the Librarians of Kirin Tor, no less) as "we're constrained against torture, but YOU, you adventurous freelancing mercenary -- you can go do it for us."

As for the DK content: I did it all, nasty as I was and in thrall to His Icy Highness who'd squish me like a bug if I disobeyed. Having broken free, I now intend to play Yog as spending the rest of his days in an unending, unattainable effort to do penance and redeem himself.

Dang, sorry; didn't realize I wasn't logged in. That was me. 8-D

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