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Mystical Forest

Based on a true story...

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Voice Post: Update on Julia's condition
Forest - Shadows
712K 3:32
“Hello everyone. I thought I would update you all on Julia's condition the most, effecient way I knew, which is via this voice post. The bad news is that she did, in fact, have a stroke, however, the good news is that she is expected to fully recover from it. The reason they felt it was not a stroke initially was because the ER x-rays did not detect either a clot or bleeding, but the MRI revealed the whole truth, which was that the clot - she did have a stroke, it was because of a clot, but that the clot came and went before she got to the ER. The damage to her brain is contained *wholly* within the, her speech center, and her physical coordination and everything like that is A+. She's undergoing a battery of tests today to determine what caused the stroke and so that can be addressed so she doesn't get another one. And, she will probably be discharged from the hospital in, one guess is 1 or 2 days - something of that nature. After which she'll have to go to some speech therapy probably to address her problem with some words, and then that'll be it. She'll have recovered. The time to complete recovery is literally in the neighborhood of weeks, or maybe some couple months, something like that, but that's only... not years or anything approaching that. She, her speech and condition continues to improve quite dramatically, actually. She's having regular conversations for extended periods of time and *garbled* tripping up on some words here and there, and she talked on the phone today, which I, personally, felt was pretty good because there were, when she... you...talk to someone in person, you look alot at verbal cues and visual cues and stuff like that, so, I thought myself, just personally, speaking on the phone was pretty cool. Um, and uh, she could even theoretically return to work next week. It really depends on her mood and attitude and how much energy she has and whether she would like to take some time to rest and how well the speech therapy goes, and all of that. But the bad news is: stroke. The good news is: complete recovery is on the way and imminent. Um, let's see...I think that's about it. Right! Thanks everyone, for your responses and e-mails. That is really very very touching, I appreciate that alot, and if you would like to send flowers, that would be awesome, too. Julia Martin is at Valley Medical center in room 1606, in Renton WA. And flowers brighten her day like nothin' else! If you'd like to visit julia, please do! She very much would like people to come by and have a chat and visit and everything like that. Valley Medical Center has open visitation hours, so you can drop by anytime at all, and... Right! There you go! I guess that's it. I'll talk to you later. Bye-bye.”

Transcribed by: ursuscelticus

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I'm so glad to hear the recovery news! Warmest wishes to Julia.

Or at least, on the road to it. Wonderful to hear and hope all good things continue apace.


Wow, what a relief. Send her my best, hopefully I'll be able to visit soon.

I (along with probably Kelle & Indigo) should probably be able to come tomorrow afternoon, assuming you are still at Valley, maybe around 5-ish. If you are already home, of course, I/we could *still* visit if you're feeling like seeing folks at the house.


That's good news! Thanks for letting us know.

I'm glad the prognosis is good. I wanted to send flowers yesterday, but not sure how long she'd be there etc. So thanks for posting that, some are on there way!

Rockin' good news. We'll keep the prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes coming.

Thank you for the update. I am so glad to hear she will get better :-)

I'm immensely glad she's doing better and going to be well - for both of you. I wish we could drop by and say hello.

Thank you for calling today with the heartening news! Seeing the updated "print version" here makes it seem all the more real and wonderful. :)

You and Julia are in our thoughts. I'm so sorry she had a stroke, but I'm very happy that she is already on the road to recovery. How very scary and awful for both of you. I wish we were there to visit her and bring her flowers.

Great news!

Well, in the context anyway! Sue and I are delighted to know Julia will be fine, and grateful the crisis passed quickly. Speedy, speedy recovery, Julia!


glad the news is as good as it could be

Eric, I just heard tonight about what happened. I can only begin to imagine what you've been through, but anyway, I'm so glad Julia's prognosis is good. Please give her my love and good wishes, and tell her that when we find the bastard who's responsible, I'll break his legs. Hoping to come visit Sunday.


Thank Gaia for the good news. As I said in my previous comment, I wish the best for you two!

Wonderful news. Congratulations on her quick mend and I shall meditate for her continued recovery.


Julia's recovery

Please convey my best wishes to Julia, along with a big hug from the wilds of New Jersey. Tell her to rest, relax, and recover. My thoughts are with her.

Peter Archer

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