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Mystical Forest

Based on a true story...

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Why, how lovely!
My commute: 5.5 hours.

The kicker: I got stuck in my own driveway! My own driveway! Ye gods! The snow is that deep! Absolutely crazy!

trueunicorness (whose commute was 6.5 hours) and I called each other several times for companionship and road reports and lamenting and the whatnot. I was also in frequent communication with bigfootcountry who was concerned about road conditions.

During the commute, I listened to John Carpenter's The Thing (you got a better movie to listen to? I'm all ears), and Shaun of the Dead (most of it, anyway), and a few podcasts. I was going to listen to the soundtrack of The Descent but I didn't get around to it.

However it was very pretty, even after dark. There was a gaggle of trees that was backlit, completely with picture-perfect snow on their branches and super-large fluffy flakes falling straight down without any wind.

Number of cars abandoned on the side of the road: 30. I kid you not.

It was snowing so hard. How hard was it? Well, it was snowing so hard that my rear window's defroster couldn't keep up with the volume, my headlights completely snowed over, and I had to stop the car to clear the weight of the snow off my windshield wipers because I could hear the motor straining over the sound of my iPod.

I'm working from home tomorrow because I'm not completely insane.

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I feel your pain! :D

I got out on the road just as the hail started (4:15ish?), and it was instant-icy conditions. In 10 minutes, my car was covered with an inch layer of snow and hail.

Last snow storm I got stuck in the driveway, but this time I was able to get the car oriented so I could get enough velocity, making it into the garage on momentum.

Ick. *hugs* I'm glad you got home safely!

This morning looks like a sheet of ice. In my new job, I *could* work remotely, if they had ordered my work laptop on time, but they didn't so I don't have one yet. But since I don't, and being sick in December drained both my very few sick and vacation hours, it's try to go in, or don't get paid :(

Which, might still be what has to happen. There's not a ton of snow, but that road down there looks like a solid white mass...

Stay home. Stay safe :D

Also, I agree with the "very pretty" sentiment. I got off way easy yesterday, but even after the crap in November in which Ninja and I DIDN'T get off easy, I was still smiling and ready to take come what may, as long as it didn't involve bodily harm.

I think I was the only person smiling at the bus stop downtown. Being pissed ain't gonna make the bus come faster.

Man, and here I was planning to eventually move out to that part of the world partially in the hopes of avoiding that sort of calamitous weather. Hopefully this is not a grim foreshadowing of things to come.

When I listen to movies (usually while grinding in WoW), I tend to choose dialogue-heavy flicks, like Glengarry Glen Ross, or Pulp Fiction.

You... you got snow?

Throw some over to Jersey, I want some snow so badly. It was in the freaking 70's recently.


Jason and I find it funny that so many people abandon their cars on the side of the freeways. it is a strange sight to see.

glad you both made it safe. :)

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