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Based on a true story...

Eric Haddock
2 July 1968
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100 Things About Me for those of you who have some time to spare.

Otherwise, F ya.

And here's my official Gamer Card:

art-house films, asian cinema, astronomy, atheism, battlestar galactica, boardgames, books, bubble bobble, butterflies, c89.5, call of cthulhu, candles, candy, cartoons, cats, celtic music, chocolate, colors, comedy central, computers, conservation, contemplation, cookie dough ice cream, creating, cthulhu, cuddling, d&d, dragons, dreams, dvds, electronica, elves, exchanges, faeries, fantasy, farscape, fiction, film, fonts, foreign films, forensic science, fortean phenomena, games, gaming, geeks, generation x, ghosts, graphic design, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, handfasting, hauntings, history, honesty, horror, html, independent film, intelligence, intelligent conversation, interior design, ipod, japan, japanese, joy, kanji, kissing, laughter, lions, long drives, long hair, lord of the rings, lost, love, lovecraft, macintoshes, mountains, movies, nanowrimo, national public radio, natural disasters, new experiences, non-fiction, occult, office supplies, online comics, outdoors, pacific northwest, paganism, paper, passion, pens, people watching, pets, photography, photoshop, politics, powerpuff girls, pro-choice, publishing, purple, rain, reading, roleplaying games, rollercoasters, rpgs, rubber stamps, sci-fi, science-fiction, seattle, secular humanism, self-publishing, sense of humor, sex, shiny things, sleeping, smart people, snuggling, space exploration, spirituality, star trek, stargate, stephen colbert, stories, storms, talking to strangers, tarot, technical writing, the daily show, the onion, the simpsons, thundercats, thunderstorms, tivo, tolkien, typography, unicorns, vampires, video games, vocabulary, washington, web design, webpages, wicca, witches, world of warcraft, writing, xbox, xbox 360